Hi, I’m Tommy Davies.

Tommy Davies

Tommy Davies

Around 5 years ago I was suffering daily bouts of eye strain which totally hindered me from getting my work done. At the time I was working in the office where I am required to stare at a computer monitor and read and file hundreds of pages of documents every single day – as you could image, my eyes begin to suffer. Over the period of 12 months my eyes had worsened, my work was suffering and I was in the brink of losing my job!

With a young family I was determined not to let that happen. I couldn’t afford to be out of the job, so I need to find a solution… and find a solution quick.

I looked at contacts, glasses, eye drops… just about everything. I was just about to give up when a friend who saw what I was going through gave me a copy of a book called, “Perfect Your Eyesight” by Ralph McFadyen. Have tried everything else, I decided to give this one last shot! If this didn’t work, I really didn’t know what to do.

In short, the book contained a series of eye exercies that helped me relax and strengthen my eyes. I was a little skeptical at first since most of the exercises only required a few minutes of my time each day, but I soon put this aside when I noticed almost immediate improvements in my vision.

I didn’t think it was possible but over a few months I regained my vision almost 100%. This book really changed my life.

I’ve been feeling so much happier and healthier that I thought the secrets that saved my vision needed to be shared! That’s why I contacted the copyright owner and got the rights to make this book publicly available. If you live with glasses, contacts or eye strain… you need this book!

I now live life glasses free and I’m certain you can do the same.

No more eye strain! Enjoying some family time at home.