Are there eye exercises for nearsightedness?

by David Jenyns

Question by Ellie: Are there eye exercises for nearsightedness?
I’m am nearsighted because I use the computer a lot but, I try very hard to stay away. Are there any eye exercises that will help me to have better vision?

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Answer by princeidoc
“Are there eye exercises for nearsightedness?”


“Are there any eye exercises that will help me to have better vision?”

oh you want eye exercises that WORK? no. there arent any of those.

just kidding – a little jab to the master Bates-ers who are about to flood this question with the cure for all myopia – palming & concentrating on black.

there are old, silly exercises invented in the 1920’s that claim to lessen/prevent myopia. they’re weird & IMO really stupid, worthless & don’t work. scam to sell books. find a good optometrist

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waaaa July 25, 2012 at 4:40 pm

well i know a kid who for his eyes was told to look through a newspaper and find the word ‘the’. maybe that could help?


Eli G-optics July 25, 2012 at 4:40 pm

The exercises you are talking about, at least most of them, are come from Bates’ Method.

Bates’ Method is not only, and mainly not the exercises themselves but overall health improvement techniques. They help the eyesight too, and most of them come to help the exercises be more effective.

The exercises are almost useless if you do them wrong or under wrong condition.

1) Posture and breathing.
2) Relaxation.
3) Nutrition.
4) Overall health.
5) Eye exercises.

These are the parts that build the method. Usually it takes long to get real results as it works not only on the eyes and most of the people will give up after they don’t see immediate results.

If you are really interested you are more then welcome to contact me for more information and assistance.


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