Can eye exercises really improve your vision?

by David Jenyns

Question by joliee: Can eye exercises really improve your vision?
I’m near sighted. I read somewhere online that it is possible to improve your vision with eye exercises, if so, what are some exercises?

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Answer by mrc22091
I’m no expert but…

If you aren’t too old and your lenses (the ones in your eyes) are still flexible, you can try forcing your eyes to focus on objects just out of your typical focusing range (right when they start getting blurry)

You’re supposed to focus on some distant objects every now and then when you’re reading or using a computer.

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ALA A March 8, 2011 at 7:36 am

Yes, they do. They did for me. You have to focus a lot on things far away. It may take a while, but helps. Also what I did, was I moved my eyes up and down 30 times, then across. I defeated myopia by doing this. Also what may help you cure myopia, if you are stressed for long time or depressed it may cause your vision to worsen, when you stop being depressed your vision can change. I did both exercises and stopped stressing and now my vision is almost back to normal, except for my right eye which still did not improve much, but getting better. Also get a lot of rest and eat healthy food, and don’t listen to those that exercises won’t help you, they do.


ClovrSly March 8, 2011 at 8:22 am


Focus on things that are far away, look at things up close (not too long).

Just try to look more with your eyes during the day. Exercise them! Stretch them! They will get better just like muscles get stronger. But you have to keep at it.


G B SINGH March 8, 2011 at 9:08 am

In fact, you don’t need doing any ‘exercise’ for that matter. An exercise means doing a right thing for a limited duration of time and then falling back to your faulty lifestyle again.

You can instantly see clear if you open ‘up’ your eyes ‘full’ in their total ‘width’ by widening your lips into a slight smile on your face. And ‘this’ only is the right way to see all the 24 hours – it’s not an exercise at all!

I corrected my eyesight from -2.25 to normal this way only.


TheEyeGuy March 8, 2011 at 9:30 am

Eye exercises denote effort and even strain, they also encourage boring repetition. These are contrary to the natural perfect eyesight principle of relaxation. They don’t undo the incorrect vision habits. We don’t see animals doing eye exercises nor babies doing eye aerobics or eye yoga.

Everybody has stress in their lives. How we deal with that stress can effect our health and vision. People with blurry vision just get glasses and don’t change the way they use their eyes so their vision continues to deteriorate. They allow the stress to settle into their eyes in the form of incorrect vision habits.

Consciously changing the muscular tension around our eyes is a form of vision therapy. Again it does not deal with how we are using our eyes so its long term affects will only be temporary. Squinting is one of the incorrect vision habits and will bring more blurr. Like eye exercises, once the eyes get used to vision therapy our vision will remain the same because we aren’t changing our mental program. Often times it will get worse because we use more effort to try and get results.

So many misconceptions about natural perfect eyesight. No wonder 70 to 90 percent of people in civilized areas have some kind of blurry vision.

In order to get natural perfect eyesight and buck the trend of civilized people we need to upgrade our vision software for these complex times. We need to unlearn the incorrect vision habits, reintegrate the correct vision behaviors and undo the damage of artificial corrections and blurr.

People who want to improve their eyesight would do best by reading the book I have linked to on my website and finding a good teacher near them. I also have a link to a list of NEI teachers around the world. I would be glad to help a person find the best ones near them. Natural eyesight improvement is very simple yet very easily comlpicated and lost.


Dr Nik March 8, 2011 at 10:07 am

There are many eye exercises for different problems. They involve training of extraocular muscles (eye movement in every direction and circular) and intraocular – ciliary muscle (switching focus from near objects to distant objects).

Exercises improve tonus and circulation in these muscles which is essential for relaxation. In people with refractive errors, exercising extraocular muscles applies certain pressure on eye balls which can result in changing shape back to normal. Also exercising ciliary muscle leads to better acommodation.

Besides exercises there are also some relaxation techniques that can also help, as already mentioned in previous answers.


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