Cerberati – Athletes

by David Jenyns

The usual public understanding is that very large dogs lack agility and stamina. This is true in general, but here at Cerberati, we are redefining the large dog, and have already shattered the negative stigma associated with large breeds. Cerberati dogs run, jump, play, all day, with an average weight of 150lb (some 180lb+), and: * NO HIP OR ELBOW DYSPLASIA – EVER * NO CRUCIATE FAILURES * NO WEAK BONES * NO MUSCULAR PROBLEMS * NO HEALTH ISSUES * NO CHERRY EYE, BLOAT, LETHARGY * NO TEMPERAMENT ISSUES Health and nobility is crucial for today’s society, dogs must understand the respect for their human friends, no Cerberati dog will ever challenge its owner and family, no Cerberati dog will ever require a vet visit inside natural constraints. They will never attack or hurt a child. These dogs are as intelligent and as healthy as they come and know the rules of engagement, only defend when there is a real threat to them or their family, this has been tested with completely untrained dogs, they harbor no avoidance, extremely confrontational when they sense a threat. This is what a true mastiff dog once was, and we’re bringing them back. There is no terrier in our dogs, the drive and gameness of our dogs is inherited through meticulously sourced and selected mastiff breeds from around the globe, farm dogs. Our work and our image is of the highest importance. No dogs are homed with under 21’s or to individuals living in built-up cities and/or ghetto areas. Ethical homing is a

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