Choose Your Own Way Of Vision Correction

by David Jenyns

Vision is the visual function of the eyes, is people’s ability to see. Vision drives most of the human activities including reading, working and almost other everything. The loss of vision is considered to be the greatest threat next to cancer for human being. What is lucky for human being is that people may choose vision correction tools to see the clearer world again. Modern science enables people to choose suitable ways of vision correction.


The most traditional and classic way of vision correction is to wear eyeglasses. Eyeglasses have existed since 13th century, and today’s eyeglasses are not only the device of vision correction, but also a piece of face jewelry enhancing wearers’ fashion expression. From the medical point of view, as this kind of vision correction has no physical contact between the glasses and the eyeballs, eyeglasses impose the least possibility if harmful effects like infections and other severe side effects.


Wearing contact lenses is the second choice to obtain vision correction. The advantages of contact lenses are apparent by liberating people from the encumbrances of physical glasses perching on the nose, disturbing a lot of activities of human being. The disadvantages are also remarkable as extended use of contact lenses, especially the over night wearing, will cause serious infection and even blindness.


The third choice belongs to the laser eye surgery, also called LASIK. LASIK permanently offers vision correction after a successful surgery, minimizing people’s dependency on eye glasses and contact lenses. The mechanism of LASIK is that the computer-controlled laser cuts the cornea and vaporizes some part of the middle layer of the cornea to achieve the once-and-for-all vision correction. Though LASIK has been proven to be the easy surgery of only a couple of minutes with very high success rate, there are still a lot of drawbacks like halo, haze, double vision and even blindness.


The fourth alternate is to gain vision correction in the natural way by eye exercises. These eye exercises have existed for more than a century, but the final causality still lacks strong and supportive evidence.


All the above four options of vision correction have their pros and cons, all you need to do is to always consult your doctor and choose one that most suits your personal needs of vision correction.


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Dr. Edward Manche, ophthalmology professor at Stanford University Medical Center, explains the role of modern technology in correcting nearsightedness, farsightedness and presbyopia. Problems with eyesight affects millions of people, learn what is available to address this seemingly everyday problem.
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