Do eye exercises really work?

by David Jenyns

Question by stepanstas: Do eye exercises really work?
I am nearsighted. My vision has really gotten bad, but i always belived in eye exercises. When i asked an eye doctor recently, he said not. Is there a limit to how bad your vision can be? Serious answers only please.

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Answer by Fudge
Yes, eye exercises work tremedounsly! My daughter used to have pretty bad vision and every day she did eye exercises and our EMT noticed even though I hadn’t told him yet. He thought she was wearing contacts or had gotten the surgery.

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eyegirl August 24, 2011 at 4:53 pm

Eye exercises – or vision therapy – can be useful for several different types of vision problems. Unfortunately, nearsightedness (myopia) is not one of them. Trust me, if there were exercies that worked, me and my classmates would be doing them!
I would not be too concerned with your eyes getting extremely bad. But if you are, talk to your optometrist about it. Vision usually stabilizes in the twenties until you start to hit presbyopia around the age of forty. And – as a bonus – being nearsighted lets you hit presbyopia (losing the ability to see at near) later in life 🙂


S. Jain MD August 24, 2011 at 5:27 pm

It is generally believe that myopia is inherited, that is, one is born to be nearsighted and the eyes will attain the predetermined level of nearsightedness and the only management issue is to accurately determine the refractive error and use optical devices that allow clear vision (glasses, contact lenses). Environmental influences (near work, psychological stress & nutrition) are also thought to play a role. Herein lays the controversy.

There are several claims that the environmental factors play a far greater role in myopia development than is traditionally accepted and appropriate modifications lessen, reverse or even prevent myopia development. There is an understandable desire for preventing or reducing nearsightedness using non-surgical methods, however considerable disagreements exist regarding the effectiveness of available optical or behavioral therapies.

There are no eye exercises that will help your eyes see better or that will prevent the nearsightedness from getting worse. Be wary of the claims to the controry as there is no published peer reviewed scientific evidence to support the cliam. Think about it – if See Clearly method actually worked – why then would the company not do controlled clinical trials, get FDA approval and publish results in scientific journals. Instead See Clearly method is only advertised as infomercials. Tells you something …….


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