Do You Know Smoking Impact Eye Health Too?

by David Jenyns

It is acknowledged universally that smoking dose harm to health and the health conditions most commonly associated with tobacco smoke exposure are cancers and cardiovascular disorders. However, do you know smoking impact eye health too?

The Duke University Medical Center researchers state that the tar in cigarettes has a great impact on the retina triggering the formation of deposits and thickening in the retina. Studies have shown that smoking narrows the blood vessels, reducing the blood supply to the eye; smoking enhances the generation of free radicals, causing cellular damage; smoking decreases the levels of antioxidants, the element protecting against free radical damage, in the blood circulation; smoking affects the aqueous humor and the tissue surrounding the eye and retina; smoking minimizes the macular pigment that acts to protect eyes from UV and blue light damage; smoking….


Study show that age-related macular degeneration is perhaps the most significant threat to smoker’s eye health. Besides, there are some other risks of eye conditions for smokers, they include cataracts, glaucoma, graves’ ophthalmopathy and diabetic retinopathy, etc..

What is more, for non-smokers, they also have the risk for eye conditions. While they do not typically smoke cigarettes, many are exposed to environmental tobacco smoke, either because their family members or friends smoke at home or in the car, or because they find themselves in environment where others are smoking.

A study done by Dr. Suer has illustrated that secondhand smoke cause similar changes to nonsmokers as those done to smokers, because the smoke will impedes the circulation of blood to the eye and retina, resulting in damages the delicate blood vessels inside eyes.

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