Dr. Pelto’s Interview With Dr. Forgues About Diabetic Retinopathy

by David Jenyns

Diabetic retinopathy is one of the leading causes of high vision loss amongst diabetic patients. In this video I’m interviewing one of my colleagues about diabetic retinopathy. Here is a complete transcript of the interview. Dr. Peltos Interview with Dr. Matthew Forgues Donald Pelto: Good morning. This is Dr. Donald Pelto, and I’m with one of my colleagues here, Dr. Matthew Forgues. He is my actual optometrist, and I just got done with my eye appointment. We’re going to talk a little bit about how diabetes can affect your eyes. So go ahead, Dr. Matt. Matthew Forgues: All right. Thank you, Dr. Pelto. Yeah, diabetes is actually the second leading cause of blindness in the eye, second only to macular degeneration. So it’s a pretty serious condition. It’s something that can be completely preventable if picked up early, so even in a setting like this early pick up and prevention is the key. At minimum people always ask us, “How often should we get our eyes checked with diabetes?” At minimum every 12 months, and we do a couple things. It’s checking the vision but more importantly is looking at the health of the inside of the eye, which I’ll show you some pictures here. So in essence with diabetes, how it affects the eyes, is it can actually affect the blood vessels within the eyes. In a healthy retina there’s a whole network of blood vessels that come right through and nourish the surface. With diabetes, essentially what happens here is the blood vessels in our eyes are prone

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