Eye Diseases – Causes and Home Remedies

by David Jenyns

Eyes are a vital part of our body, it help us to view the colorful world around us. Any problem of eyesight interferes with our vision and cripples us to a large extent. Eye problems produce symptoms like redness in eyes, tearing, pain, blurred vision, itching, twitching, seeing floaters etc. Some of the common problems are long sightedness, short sightedness, cataract, glaucoma, corneal scratching, astigmatism, dry eye syndrome, retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, muscle degeneration, color blindness, night blindness etc.

Some eye diseases are chronic whereas others are short-lived. Pink eye, allergies are examples of short-lived problems. Stresses, infection, caffeine intake, prolonged use of computers, fatigue, head injury, heredity, exposure to chemicals, pollution, vitamin deficiency, bad lighting facilities in study area, direct exposure to sunlight etc are some of the factors leading to eye problem. Light bouncing off lens is the cause of cataract. Increase of fluid pressure in eyes is the cause of glaucoma. Scratching of cornea by low lying branch or dust particles is the cause of corneal scratching. Irregular curvature of cornea is the cause of astigmatism.


Disorder of tear film is the cause of dry eye syndrome. Retinal detachment is caused by detachment of retina from underlying tissues within eye. Long-standing diabetes is the cause of diabetic retinopathy. Eye muscle degeneration is causes by aging. Color blindness results from the malfunctioning of certain color sensitive retinal cells. Night blindness is the result of a disorder associated with the retinal rods and cones.

Taking care of eyes is highly essential for us. Proper care helps to avoid many problems. Given below are some Home remedies that would help us keep our eyes healthy.

Home Remedies

1. Soothe your eyes with 2-3 drops of rose water daily.

2. Put 9-10 Rose petals and some raspberry leaves in to a glass of water, and let it stand for few hours. Wash eyes with the water. This is a remedy for tired eyes and cataract.

3. Place round cucumber slice over closed eyes and wait for 10-15 minutes. This takes off stress and pain.

4. Place potato slices over closed eyes and wait for 10-15 minutes. This will help you to have a pair of fresh, lustrous eyes.

5. Washing with beta-carotene rich carrot juice keeps eyes healthy and improves vision.

6. Massaging soles and toes with mustard oil is an effective eye diseases home remedy.

7. Application of warm moist compresses on eyes effectively treats infection.

8. Application of frozen tea bags over eyes lessens treat inflammation.

9. Keep green bottle containing water in bright sunlight. Using that water as eye wash cures myopia or shortsightedness.

10. Mix one part rose water and one part lime juice and use it as eye drop. It relieves strained eyes.

11. Mix rose water and potash alum in 1/7th of its quantity to prepare an eye drop for having healthy eyes.

12. Make a paste out of few almonds, fennel and sugar candy. Take a teaspoon of the paste every day at bed time to get rid of eye ailments.

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