Eye Diseases – Keep Them Far Off

by David Jenyns

Eye disease is always a problem to be reckoned with; some may be minor and fleeting while some others may lead to a permanent loss of vision. Therefore to safeguard your eyes from common eye diseases, which including cataracts, glaucoma, retinal disorders and eye infections, is a must in our daily lives. Here below are some tips for the defense of these common eye diseases:

The first and foremost, as well as the easiest way of protecting eyes from various types of attacks is to wash your eyes regularly with clean, cool water and pat them dry. In addition, proper way to clean eyeglasses and contacts should be adopted.

A saying goes that illnesses often find their way in by the mouth; thus a healthy diet is necessary to be kept so as to provide the body with the right minerals and vitamins. Try less to eat too much unhealthy food that are too spicy, and of too much fat. It is reported that carotenoids and antioxidants are good for retina, blood vessels and other parts of the eye and fatty acids are believed to be able to brighten eyes; therefore fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as food contain fatty acids, such as fish should be eaten more.

Besides a healthy diet, a healthy lifestyle is also a must. Do not stay up too late everyday. Enough rest is an essence for a pair of healthy eyes, which relaxes eye muscles and recovers them from stress; take eye exercises regularly, helping eyes keep in shape. If you do not know how to do eye exercises, some books related are sold in market. You can buy one to obtain a proper way to keep your eyes in optimum condition; keep away from smoke. It is known to all that smoking harms the lungs and circulatory system, while little known that smoking will also make eye muscles get strained, resulting in cataracts, damage to the optic nerve and other diseases.

Keep necessary eyewear. For example, wearing sunglasses in a sunny day to keep eyes from glare and harmful rays; wearing goggles when participating in recreational or sports activities to protect eyes from any foreign objects; wearing swimming goggles so that water can not enter into the eyes.

You’d best to have regular checkups, because eye diseases do not always have symptoms; therefore see an eye care professional right away if you have a sudden change of everything looks dim or if you see flashes of light. Other symptoms that need quick attention are pain, double vision, fluid coming from the eye and inflammation.

Eyes are fairly sensitive and are susceptible to various diseases. Do not treat them lightly. Keep those tips in mind, and you are believed to have a pair of healthy and beautiful eyes, and diseases are hard to approach.

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