Eye Diseases: Symptoms, Causes and Types

by David Jenyns

Eye diseases are related to visualization problems, occurring due to lack of dietary, infections, continuous work and other varied factors. These diseases may affect people with minor problems while others suffer from major symptoms that can result in loss of vision permanent. Patients need to change life styles with healthy diet because it totally depends on what and how we eat in routine. Healthy diet provides enough minerals and vitamins to body and its related parts. Another thing is patients suffering from eye sickness should often wash their eyes with clean water, get enough rest and perform eye exercises which can improve eye vision and eye health. Yoga eye exercise strengthens eye muscles and eye lens. Regular checkups of the eyes can help avoid eye related diseases.

There may be several reasons that cause eye sickness in a person. Causes of eye diseases include external factors, aging, infections, damage, and eye drugs side effects, high blood sugar level, injury, and lack of vitamins can also add to eye diseases. The most common eye diseases are caused through anxiety, allergies, smoke and genetic factors.

There can be a variety of symptoms of eye problem depending upon the nature of the affecting sickness. Performing activities in areas that promote infections of the eyes is also one of the factors. Symptoms of eye diseases is redness, tearing, itching, tiredness, cataract, blurriness, discomfort watching TV, long time use of computer or reading a book late into the night. Patient should have regular checkups of their eyes because eye diseases do not have any symptoms. Eye diseases symptoms include: itchy eyes, red eyes, dry eyes, pain, redness, headaches, blurred vision, and excessive watering of the eyes. Some of them may just irritate the eyes and cause discomfort while others may cause major problems in their vision.

Cataract, age related macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal diseases are the most common types of eye diseases. When natural eye lens turn dark, a person can experience unclear vision and in this case one is said to have developed cataract. Symptoms of eye disease include failing to identify any colour, he or she feels double images. Treatments are varying from their causes and types depending on how they suffer from existing problems. Person affected with major problem surgery and laser therapy help to remove the dense layer from eye lens. Dry eye is the most common eye problem people suffer as a result of several substances in the environment such as eye itching, long term usage of television and computer that can lead to suffering eyesight over a period of time. Glaucoma is a disease that damages the optic nerve that carries visual signals from eye to brain. Glaucoma usually affects both eyes, but can also affect one eye. It occurs with a significant amount of nerve damage resulting in loss of vision. Retinal disease (diabetic retinopathy and retinitis pigmentosa) occurs with group of genetic disorders in which cells in the retina deteriorate to causing loss of color vision together with peripheral vision.

Having suffered long with the ailment, it’s a feel good factor to advice about making health easy and life relaxing. Find more about the diseases instead of going for risky surgery & medications side effects.

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