Eye Exercises For Eyesight Problems – They Can Make a Difference

by David Jenyns

Eyesight problems can be irritating. Do you find yourself looking for your glasses to read fine print in an article or on an item because of blurry eyesight? Do your glasses sit on your face uncomfortably? Do your eyes feel strained and tired? Do you have problems with cataracts? These are just some of the problems that many people experience due to poor vision.

Many eyesight problems are caused by tension and stress, which ultimately lead to eyesight damage, and for this reason, it is important to work on this issue first if you are considering starting a program of exercises to improve eyesight problems. There are a number of exercises specifically for the eyes that will be of benefit. Diligence and persistence will be required for natural vision correction, but for those that perform the exercises with regularity, many people find the rewards substantial. The following are some vision exercises that will help you to commence a program that will give you results and make a difference to your life.

3 Exercises For You To Try.

1. The Dot exercise is the first one. To do this exercise, look at a full stop or comma, concentrate on this dot, until you are able to focus on it. You will notice that as you continue to stare, you will probably start to lose focus of the dot. Now shut your eyes for about a minute to relax them. Take the time needed that will allow your eyes to relax. Once you feel that your eyes are relaxed, then slowly open your eyes again, but this time let your eyes roam over the page looking for the dot, but this time – do not stare. Eyes need to move, so look over and around the dot, and blink your eyes a few times. Again close the eyes, and think about the dot, remembering how you saw it. Now look again, and as the eyes should now be feeling easier and relaxed, it should be easier to see the dot.

2. Exercise two is called the Word exercise. Look for a word that is at least 5 letters long. In a similar way to the Dot exercise, stare at the word, not allowing your eyes to move. Try to focus on the word to get the best image possible. As you concentrate and stare at the word, you will probably find the word will now start to go out of focus. Once again shut and relax your eyes for a minute or so until you feel the eyes have let go of their tension, and when you open your eyes, blink and gently let eyes find the word again. It’s important to let the eyes move around smoothly and easily. In that way there will be less strain on them. The word will now probably look clearer than it did when you were staring at it.

3. An exercise in double vision is the last exercise. This is aimed at getting the eyes to work together in co-ordination. Many people are using only one eye to look at an object, whilst the other eye is focusing elsewhere. Squinting can make the eyes focus together, but by doing this you are adding extra strain and stress to the eyes. Again, relax the eyes, and allow the object to come into focus easily, not forcing the eyes, and thus allowing both eyes to focus on the object together.

By doing these three eye exercises, it will make you more aware of the tension you hold in your eyes, and show you how your focus can improve by relaxing your eyes. This constant tension on the muscles of your eyes creates damage by distorting these muscles creating various sorts of eye problems. This is why it is essential to the well being of your eyes to make some time in your day to do some regular eye exercises.

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