Eye Health & Optometry : Dry Eyes Syndrome

by David Jenyns

Dry eyes syndrome occurs when the mucin cells in the eye fail to produce the middle layer of tears on the surface of the eye, and it can be treated by using an artificial tear product. Understand why people are afflicted by dry eyes syndrome withinformation from a practicing optometrist in this free video on eye health. Expert: James W. Kirkconnell Contact: www.bec2020.com Bio: Dr. James W. Kirkconnell graduated from the University of Houston College of Optometry in 1984. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
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bluecherrysweet March 4, 2011 at 7:29 am

i went to an opthalmologist and she put a thin paper under the lower flap of my eyelid (she said the dry eye test), but the thing is that the dry part of my eyes isnt the lower part, but the upper part of my eyes, she said my eyes arent dry altho i can barely see my upper part of eyes are like super MATTE, no water, and it feels like my upper flap of lid are having a kindof friction with my eyes everytime i blink. duh


bluecherrysweet March 4, 2011 at 7:51 am

this is frustrating im only 18 and i hate glasses, i cant use contact lenses bcos my eyes will get really really dry after only 1 hour using em, there was one time where i couldnt take off my lenses bcos they stuck to my eyes bcos they were too dry.
the lower part of my eyes arent dry, but the top part of my eyes are, i can even see my eyes are like super ‘matte’ or theres no water on some part of my eyes, theyre like dry patches.


lxTwisteDxl March 4, 2011 at 8:14 am

@chickachicka54 alright cool, let me know the results


chickachicka54 March 4, 2011 at 9:02 am

@lxTwisteDxl yeah actually im only 11. but im going to do like a experiment like how many times my eyes water a day, and how many times my eyes water a day with eyedrops. so idk i hope it gets better


lxTwisteDxl March 4, 2011 at 9:26 am

@chickachicka54 no problem, how old are you if you dont mind me asking? Im 16, so my eyes shouldn’t even be this bad, but its alright, they’re gettin better. Good luck with yours too.


chickachicka54 March 4, 2011 at 9:27 am

@lxTwisteDxl to be honest my eyes havent been as bad.. but its getting a little better, i dont know if it continues ill look into products and stuff, ill look up that thing you mentioned thx


lxTwisteDxl March 4, 2011 at 9:45 am

@chickachicka54 Has limiting your computer use helped at all? Mine seem to be getting a little better with Bausch&Lomb Advanced dry eye relief/rejuvenation eye drops, maybe they will work for you too


chickachicka54 March 4, 2011 at 10:19 am

@lxTwisteDxl for me its definately air conditioning blowing in eyes
and computer use. after i found out computer use is a symptom i stopped using my comp. i limit myself to 25 mins a day


lxTwisteDxl March 4, 2011 at 10:38 am

@chickachicka54 yes, very annoying, having to keep your eyes closed from the wind blowing feeling/pain

Not sure if we have the same things, but some reasons for me might be:

long computer use
air conditioning blowing in eyes
allergies (maybe)
lack of sleep (3-5 hours a day)

All i can think of right now,

Hopefully its nothing big and something can be done about it


chickachicka54 March 4, 2011 at 10:57 am

@lxTwisteDxl i coldnt agree more
i have the same thing as you its really annoying i hope its not a big problem


lxTwisteDxl March 4, 2011 at 11:34 am

It feels like winds blowing in my eyes even if its not, and i have to squint, they go red, and hurt, most of the time eye drops dont work, do i have chronic dry eye?


zem1956 March 4, 2011 at 12:25 pm

great info . thanks


landwarrior82 March 4, 2011 at 12:46 pm

i have this problem for years. There is no permanent solution of dry eyes. Just use artificial tears every time 🙁


Falseproph3t March 4, 2011 at 12:55 pm

Very interesting. I had very dry eyes after riding my motorbike all afternoon and had to use eyedrops the following day


ritakeaton March 4, 2011 at 1:05 pm

Thank-you! I understand my problem and believe i have dry-eye.
Thanks again…


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