Eye Lenses And Related Eye Diseases

by David Jenyns

Eye lenses are very important visional organs for human beings. In some ways, eye lense is the same as the apertures in cameras, for the manufacturing of camera is on the basis of eye lense. Only through eye lense can people see objects, because all light reflected by objects will be received by eyes and projected on cornea. However, if people want to see things clearly without the assistance of other utensils, they must have normal and clean eye lenses. As it has been mentioned, in order to ascertain light can go through them smoothly, eye lenses must be crystal without any tints. Notwithstanding, some people have suffered very serious eye diseases for the sake of abnormal eye lenses. On the whole, deformed eye lenses can cause various eye diseases.

Cataract is one of the commonest eye diseases for the sake of eye lense opacity. For the normal eye lense is transparent, and all visual light can go though it. But people with cataract have very bad eye lenses, which are not limpid for some reasons. Some of the light can not be reflected on cornea, so these victims can not see objects clearly. As for cataract victims, their eyesight will get even worse if no remedy taken to their eye lenses. With the developments of technologies on eyes, more cataract sufferers have been rescued.

Presbyopia is a disease caused by the loss of elasticity in eye lense. Though the reason why this disease happened is not clear, many aged people have suffered from it for their poor eye lenses. The aged people can almost not be able see things nearby clearly. Unfortunately, slight progress has achieved on solve this matter. For the origin of the disease is not clear. Only with the help of glasses can they adjust their eye lenses.

The abnormality of eye lenses is also the origin of many other eye diseases. Thereupon, people should take special notice of their eye lenses, so as to lessen or avoid eye diseases.

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