Eye Strain and Its Related Issues

by David Jenyns

In modern times, we have to do some work or related things very long, and our eyes may suffer a lot for this reason. For example, eye strain is a very typical and common reflection of such sufferings. Though there is a tendency that more and more people complain the occurrence of eye strain, it is not a serious problem and can also be cured and treated in some way.

In fact, the method to tell whether we have eye strain is very simple. There are some very common symptoms that can be detected if we are suffering from eye strain. For example, eye sore, watery eye, dryness, redness, blurriness, etc. are very common symptoms of eye strain. If we have read for a very long time, we may feel our eyes are very dry, and objects around are very blurry. Additionally, if we feel some stiffness in our necks or we can not see bright objects directly, we may also have suffered from eye strain.

As for the root of eye strain, people have different views on it. In a word, fatigue is the main reason of many eye problems. If we have read or stared at something too long, our eyes will be very tired. And if our eyes can not recover from fatigue, they will always be in a state of strain. Of course, other activities can also lead to eye fatigue. For instance, driving for very long time or working in too bright condition can also lead to eye strain.

Now that we have realized the causes of eye strain, we should try to avoid these bothering problems. If we have to work in front of computers, read or do something else for very long time, we should try to relax our eyes as often as possible. Such as, we can take deep breath, walk for a while, and blink often, etc. at regular intervals. Except these methods, we should make sure our working condition is nice and comfortable, such as, the light should be neither too bright nor too dim. Of course, we should visit our eye doctors in regular times; in particular we feel some discomfort in our eyes.

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