Eye Strain?

by David Jenyns

Question by munkymagana6: eye strain?
if you read a lot especially in school and the doctor tells you you need glasses for “eyestrain” what is that? and why is it a strain on intrinsic and extrinsic eye muscles to look at close objects than at far ones? thanks 4 el help

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Answer by Yahya d
Eystrain is a very subjective complaint, and can be have many symptoms like Itchiness of eyes, Grittiness, Fatigue, Inability to focus at objects instantly, Visual related headaches, double vision intermittently etc…

To look at near tasks such as reading… your eyes need to do 2 things:
(1) Converge… this basically required you to contract your eye muscles.. and if done so for prolonged periods will result in eye strain
(2) Accomodate – The lens inside the eye needs to change its focus for near tasks, this requires contraction in the ciliary muscles of the eye

Any small imbalances in the eye muscles (decompensated heterophoria) or uncorrected prescription may lead to visual complaints of eyestrain… With a prescription in place either that will correct it or may require additional prisms to correct the problem

Whilst looking into the distance… you eyes do not need to converge and do not need to accomodate (unless ur long-sighted – but that needs spex neway!)

Hope that helps explaining it a lil bit!

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