Healing Your Eyes With Chinese Medicine Lecture Series Part 2 PREVIEW

by David Jenyns

Join Dr. Marc Grossman, OD, L.Ac. and Andy Rosenfarb, LAc, Dipl.Ac., Dipl.CH (co-authors of the book Healing Your Eyes With Chinese Medicine) as they teach you a western biomedical model of vision, including anatomy, physiology, the visual pathway and a review of major eye conditions, such as macula degeneration, glaucoma, dry eyes, cataracts, and other vision impairments. In addition, the course will explain a comprehensive TCM approach to major, common degenerative eye conditions with attention to the etiology of each eye disease, basic western diagnostic methods, TCM patterns and treatment strategies; including acupuncture, microcurrent stimulation, moxibustion, tui-na, gua sha, as well as basic herbal treatments for each disease. You will learn how to teach your patients the basics of self-care utilizing acupressure, Qigong and eye exercises to improve vision. These courses can be taken for Continuing Education Units at www.rootdown.us.
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