How Grape Seed Extract May Be Beneficial in Eye Health

by David Jenyns

Grape seed extract contains two potent antioxidants with long and unpronounceable names which are shortened to PACs and OPCs and is known to help prevent cardiovascular disease by reducing cholesterol, and to prevent senility and osteoporosis. It is also thought that it may prevent or limit the growth of cancer cells and the spread of viruses in HIV sufferers, and that it may reduce oxidisation and inflammation, strengthen blood vessels and protect the liver.

Recently, however, a study has been carried out into how grape seed extract may be beneficial in eye health and the results show that it may indeed be beneficial to eye health and reduce the development of cataracts and macular degeneration. Cataracts are the result of the lens clouding over which eventually causes loss of vision and macular degeneration is an age related disease affecting the light sensing cells in the centre of the retina which progressively stop working also causing vision loss.


During the recent study, human eye cells were exposed to hydrogen peroxide, which is a highly damaging oxidant, under laboratory conditions and another set of eye cells were exposed to extract of grape seed as well as hydrogen peroxide. Grape seed extract was chosen because it is a familiar dietary supplement already in use and is known to be capable of scavenging oxidants. In the former group, the cells were damaged beyond repair but in the latter group the cells survived the exposure to hydrogen peroxide

The researchers concluded therefore that grape seed extract may indeed help to prevent cataracts but more detailed studies are required to confirm this.

It is thought that this supplement can improve blood flow in the tiny blood vessels of the eye thus preventing the damage that can result in cataracts, macular degeneration and even eye strain caused by excessive use of a computer screen.

These findings will also be of special interest to people suffering from diabetes as high blood sugar or high blood pressure resulting from diabetes can cause damage to four different parts of the eye. In particular, diabetic retinopathy results from damage to the tiny blood vessels of the retina and as grape seed extract is known to strengthen blood vessels, this damage can be prevented or its onset slowed.

So these are just a few ways how grape seed extract may be beneficial in eye health as well as the health of heart, lungs and circulation, liver and bones.

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