How often should I do eye exercises?

by David Jenyns

Question by who knows: How often should I do eye exercises?
My vision is suddenly blurry and I cant read far distanced text.
I can see everything far away (objects and stuff).

I’ve been told to do eye exercises, if not take eye drops. I’ve seen the eye exercise and how many times I repeat, but how often should I do them!? once a week? a month?

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Answer by hippo37
Who has told you to do eye exercises? Normal vision problems cannot be fixed with eye exercises. If this is not yoru problem and you have been told by a reputable eye doctor to do this then you need to consult them, however it seems to me that you probably need glasses. There is no evidence that eye exercises cure poor eyesight.

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Dr. Bill November 2, 2011 at 5:02 pm

Do eye exercises all day long from now till doom’s day and you will still need glasses to see better at distance. The eye is not a muscle so why do you think exercises will work? If exercises were the answer we all would be doing eye exercises instead of wearing glasses. That’s why exercises haven’t caught on even though they have been promoted for over 100 years by followers of Dr. Bates who wrote the book “Sight Without Glasses” many years ago.


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