How to reduce eye strain with 22 inch Acer monitor?

by David Jenyns

Question by SC: How to reduce eye strain with 22 inch Acer monitor?
Around summer of 2008 I bought an Acer AL2216W. Since then I have been getting eye strain continuously. The worst symptoms I have are burning eyes and painful spasms. Right now my brightness and contrast are 10 and 30. Should I reduce the overall lighting in the room? Please tell me how to calibrate this monitor. The strain has gotten to the point that it’s affecting my daily life.

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Answer by ishootbirds2
blink more often, the burning will go away,
make sure you got plenty of space between you and the monitor, for my 26″ ASUS I placed it at 3.5 feet. 2 feet is the minimum for any monitor.
leave the monitor on its native resolution, adjust the dpi/font size as you see fit. I recommend a brighter monitor is better, for me its easier to see the screen. glare is bad, but lack of lighting is not good either. I recommend blocking direct sunlight- use shades or something- you need soft, indirect light. sunlight is extremely bright and harsh, even on the non-gloss screens you’ll still see glare.
readjust your eyes/rest them every few hours. go do thing else, go outside or something. do something that makes the pupils of your eyes change, it will be refreshing.

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