If you have eye problems and doesn’t wear glasses or lens, do I cure overtime?

by David Jenyns

Question by Made In Canada: If you have eye problems and doesn’t wear glasses or lens, do I cure overtime?
I have eye problems and I can’t get glasses or contact lens.

I am wondering if the problem cures overtime just like when you have a scar of something.

Thanks, and don’t say something like “Get glasses!”

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Answer by sarahlee
It depends on what you mean by “eye problems.” If you mean you have poor visual acuity, then no, it won’t just get better. Our eyes grow and change as we do but rarely do they improve. And once we are old enough, we lose the ability to accommodate. The only way to get better vision without contacts or glasses is laser surgery, for which you would have to be approved as a good candidate. If you mean you have some kind of eye disease, those don’t usually just get better on their own either. Depending on the disease, there may be treatments or medicine that can help, though.

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Amiityy January 2, 2013 at 5:07 pm

I was ment to have glasses years ago but when i got them i didnt want them anymore, so didnt were them and over time my eyes got better…some people say that having and wearing them can make your eyes worse over time anyway. i would advise you to go to a really good optitions and get them cheeked again 🙂 good luck


Tom B January 2, 2013 at 5:59 pm

Thats a good question.
Is it in one eye,then they call that a lazy eye.
Years ago they use to put a plaster over the lens of the good eye so the lazy eye got stronger,I never see kids or adults now with the plaster nowadays perhaps there is another method.
Honestly what I ‘m saying is true as I went through it and my lazy eye did get stronger.You could experement in doors while watching TV,no harm in trying
Good luck.


Drinkin' your milkshake. January 2, 2013 at 6:49 pm

I have horrible eyesight, along with astigmatism. I’d be legally blind without contacts or glasses. To put it in better perspective, they gave me bifocals in third grade. No, I don’t think there’s a way to really cure your eyes over time. However, the eye doctor gave me an exercise when I was younger to try and strengthen my eyes. I was told to draw a plus sign on the eraser of a pencil, and I would hold it up without my glasses on and hold it just where it starts looking clear then bring it closer until I saw double. I would do about 10 reps each day and then increase the reps every so often.

I haven’t done these in years, but at the time, it seemed to help a little. My eyes are way too bad for these exercises to truly make any significant change.


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