Improve vision with eye exercises? Can they really help ?

by David Jenyns

Question by Jerry Gibbs: Improve vision with eye exercises? Can they really help ?
I have find difficulty in seeing far away objects and to be able to read I have to position news papers at arm length. My eye glasses and contact lenses help me to see things clearly but I think life would be easier if my vision gets back to normal condition and I can get rid of my glasses and contacts. A friend told me that eyesight condition can be improved by doing eye exercises. Can they really help? What kind of exercises are they ?

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Answer by Flying Dragon
On the internet there are several types of eye exercises, performing strange rituals, eye vitamins, eye drops, etc that claim to fix your vision, but there is no scientific evidence any of them work.

It sounds like, if you can’t see near of far, you might need bifocals. Even if you get the laser vision correction, it would only solve half the problem, you would still need reading glasses.

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