Laser Vision Correction ? A Clearer Future

by David Jenyns

When it comes to improving one’s eyesight, the first and foremost name that comes to mind is the LASIK vision correction procedure. This is a basic laser eye correction surgery that allows people to “discard” their glasses and contact lenses and be able to see the world in a clearer and more distinct fashion. It is a simple and painless procedure with bright prospects for the future. The Basics LASIK, which is short for “Laser In-Situ Keratomileusis”, is a laser vision correction procedure which helps in correcting certain conditions of the eyes like nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism and is elementary for improving vision. The basic principle that is involved is to reshape the cornea which therefore allows the proper focusing of the image formed on the retina. The surgery is carried out in three steps: Creating a corneal flap in the cornea to access the present corneal tissue using either a microkeratome (a blade) or laser technology.
Reshaping the cornea and correcting vision using lasers.
Closing the flap after the removal of the corneal tissue. Types of LASIK On a broader perspective, the laser vision correction procedure is basically of two types. One which involves the used of blades in creating the corneal flap and the other which uses laser technology. Traditional LASIK – This is the kind surgery which uses a conventional man held blade in order to cut through the cornea to create the corneal flap. IntraLasik – This is also known as the blade free LASIK which doesn’t use a blade to create the flap but rather uses laser technology. The Ups and Downs The pros of this surgery are very distinct and clear just like the surgery itself. A person undergoing LASIK surgery would have improved and perfect vision and hence lead a normal and healthy life. In addition, it is quick and painless procedure which involves no side effects. On the contrary, the downs of laser vision correction lies in the LASIK eye surgery costs. This procedure is an expensive one but the end result is very productive. So, when it comes to improving one’s vision and being able to see better, every penny is worth the investment. specializes in LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery Houston by the latest in laser technology. We are one of the first LASIK providers in the region, provide Laser Vision Correction, with the help of this method you can free your eyes from glasses and contact lenses.

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