Learn to Maintain Eye Health

by David Jenyns

You’ll never know what a dangerous situation our eyes are in everyday if you are not aware of it. Electronic visual elements are everywhere around our daily lives, like TV and computers, etc… Staring at them for too long time is rather harmful to our eyes, because when we sit in front of the computer or TV, our eyes are exposed to radiative pollution. Nevertheless, in modern society, we are inevitably in touch of them most of the time in a day. Then to maintain eye health, what should we do?


Relaxation should be the first and foremost tip. Spend 15-20min everyday on eye exercise; switch vision frequently, for example see greenery, especially when you have to spend a lot of time on work; wash your eyes daily with clean and cold water. When you have any eye problems or discomfort, see a doctor immediately so as to prevent it develops bad effects. Anyhow prevention is absolutely better than cure, therefore, in daily lives; you should learn to maintain eye health.


Some small tips include: take a layer of cotton dip it into cold milk and put it on eye; or dip it into Coconut oil and rub it out skin of your eyes; use some minerals or eyes drops. All those methods are able to relax eyes, and even remove dark circles or give nourishment and shine to eyes.


Besides, some supplements or vitamins are rather good to eyes. Vitamin A helps eyes from eye disorders, corneal ulcer and light blindness. It can be found in carrots sweet potatoes and liver and many green vegetables. Vitamin C, which can be found in oranges, strawberries, rosehip, broccoli, bioflavonoid and some other fruits and vegetables, can reduce the pressure in glaucoma and slow down the affect of degeneration. Vitamin E functions to avoid contracts and muscular degeneration. It can be found almond and hazelnuts and other dry fruits and nuts. Zinc, found in red meat, oysters and wheat, is also considered good candidate to maintain eye health.


As a saying goes that improper diet is the root to many diseases, on the contrary, proper diet can be a prevention to many diseases. So take care of your diet everyday which would give a direct relation to your vision.


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