Optomitrist recomended Sterilid for eye strain irratation is this common?

by David Jenyns

Question by Meli: Optomitrist recomended Sterilid for eye strain irratation is this common?
Recently my optometrist recommended using an eye wash to help alleviate eye irritation from strain using computer for 5 years. I’ve used sterilid twice a day for one week. Now I feel like I am suffering allergies. Lids are in pain and eyes feel strained. Now I have my new glasses and trying bifocals for the first time. My eyes are in a lot of discomfort. Any suggestions? Why is the eye wash solution causing more irritation?

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Answer by bender
First, call your optometrist and let them know what is going on.

Use the eye wash sparingly. It can disrupt your normal tear film. Making things worse. It could also be the preservatives in the wash. Some people are sensitive to a few of these.

Maybe the sterilid should be used once a day at night. Ask the doctor. The skin on your eyelids is very very thin. Make sure you scrub gently, try to your ring finger if you can.

New glasses can take some getting used too, especially with bifocals for the first time. Give it a little time, try to keep them on full time and within 7 days you won’t notice them.

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mom@40 July 13, 2011 at 5:08 pm

I am not at all familiar with Sterilid. I don’t know many Ophthalmology offices that use that although maybe it’s new. Unless it is preservative free you may be allergic to something in the eye wash. Try using Systane Free if the eyes just feel gritty and tired. You can use several times daily. If they are itchy, then I would suggest an OTC drop such as Zaditor. If there is any mattering or redness, you need to see your eye dr.

Yes, bifocals are hard to get used to. You have to play around with the distance your computer screen sits as well as where you hold things to read. You may be just trying to focus so hard that you forget to blink and the eyes feel strained. Don’t hesitate calling your Optometrist and asking for ideas. If you don’t get any satisfaction, bypass them and go to the Ophthalmologist that is closest. They are MD’s not OD’s and may suggest a different diagnosis. Good luck


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