Q&A: Would eye exercises Improve my vision after eye surgery?

by David Jenyns

Question by : Would eye exercises Improve my vision after eye surgery?
I had Conical Cornea or Keratoconus and I had done Lasik Surgery followed by Cornea cross-linking in both of my eyes on the same day in the same sit. Would eye training exercises like the Post-Lasik program by NeuroVision increase my vision and eye contrast (even by a little bit) as stated by NeuroVision or after cross-linking no more improvement can be made even with exercises and I just have to wear glasses?

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Answer by Judy B
If NeuroVision works at all, it works for information processing issues in the brain. It does nothing for eye based problems like keratoconus. It will certainly not remove the need to wear glasses.

If you vision is good with glasses, you should be very happy. Prior to the development of cross linking, people with keratoconus could not expect to see well even with glasses and would need rigid contact lenses.

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