The Doctors – Double Vision and Strabismus with Drs. Elise Brisco and Travis Stork

by David Jenyns Dr. Elise Brisco on the Emmy award winning show, “The Doctors” discusses double vision with Dr. Travis Stork. Double Vision can result from developmental eye problems such as strabismus, and convergence insufficiency or excess. Diplopia can also be the result of astigmatism and cataracts. Be aware of a sudden onset of double vision which could indicate a serious neurological problem such as stroke, aneurysm, or brain tumor. Poor eye muscle coordination affects your ability to enjoy 3D movies, read comfortably and efficiently, and impairs your depth perception. This can result in poor eye hand coordination while playing sports a ball, parking a car, and can make you clumsy due to poor spatial localization. SEO Keywords: Dr. Elise Brisco, OD Los Angeles Optometrist Los Angeles Eye Doctor Eye Doctor for Children Children’s Vision Double Vision Diplopia Strabismus Convergence Insufficiency Convergence Excess Eye Muscle Problems Vision Therapy Orthoptics Eye Exercises Dr. Travis Stork The Doctors TV show Optometrist 90048 Eye Hand Coordination Eye Body Coordination 3D movies Hollywood Vision Center Optometry Sports Vision How your Brain Sees Prism glasses Hollywood Optometrist Avatar

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