Vision Correction Through Implantable Lenses

by David Jenyns

Although LASIK is seemingly the most popular and commonly performed vision correction surgery, not all patients are good candidates for LASIK Los Angeles procedures. Another option for vision correction is the implantable contact lens. One of the more popular types is the Visian Implantable Collamer Lens. This is another type of Phakic Intraocular Lens which is manufactured from a soft foldable polymeric material called Collamer. Because the cornea is actually comprised of collagen, this material provides excellent biocompatibility and superior optical capability. It is readily implanted in your eye behind the iris by gently folding it and injecting into the anterior chamber through a tiny incision only 3.0mm in length placed by the eye surgeon at the clear edge of the cornea.

The Visian ICL as an option for vision correction surgery, because of its unique Collamer composition offers numerous advantages including:

•           Quality of Vision – The Visian ICL produces not only improved visual acuity (20/20 vision is considered normal visual acuity), but also excellent visual quality. Many patients experience the “Wow” factor when they experience the immediate improvement in the quality of their vision.

•           Biocompatibility – Collamer, the 100 percent pure collagen copolymer lens material of the Visian ICL, is not viewed as a foreign object by the body’s immune system.

•           Versatility – The Visian ICL offers a wider treatment range for myopia than Los Angeles LASIK and PRK procedures.

•           Simplicity – Unlike traditional contact lenses, once the Visian ICL is implanted in the eye, there is no additional maintenance needed.

•           Safety – After implantation in over 55,000 eyes worldwide, the Visian ICL has established a proven track record of safety.

•           Lens Placement – The placement of the Visian ICL makes the lens invisible to the patient and any observer.

•           Removable – The Visian ICL was designed to be permanently placed in the eye. However, the lens can be removed if a patient’s vision changes or if it otherwise needs to be removed or replaced. This offers the option for removal and/or reversal which other laser eye surgery Los Angeles patients do not have.

Wearing glasses or contact lenses can be bothersome to anyone, but especially to quadriplegics, who may not have the manual dexterity to keep lenses clean or to place contacts on the eye. Thanks to the Focus on Independence program, which provides free LASIK eye surgery Los Angeles to eligible people who are quadriplegic, many are now able to turn an eye toward freedom.

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