War blast damage shows in special brain scan

by David Jenyns

War blast damage shows in special brain scan
Some patients who suffer concussions from wartime explosions now show brain abnormalities is a specialized brain scan.
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Blaska’s Blog: ‘Walkerville’ is a recipe for disaster
The Hard Left is determined to foul its own nest. How much more chanting and bucket-banging will the people of Wisconsin tolerate? How many more legislators harassed, businesses boycotted, and Ed Schultz live feeds can a citizenry take before, like a certain sailorman, it can’t takes no more?
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I’m with the (marching) band
During high school, I was a consistent member of the symphonic band. The band director regularly called on me to sight-read daily rhythm exercises for the rest of the class and, more significantly, gave me the honor of conducting one of our compositions for the annual fall concert.
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