What Laser Vision Correction Surgery Can Help

by David Jenyns

There are some common issues that can cause severe problems with sight. For example, longsightedness or myopia (shortsightedness) can mean a lifetime of glasses wearing or contact lens wearing for those born with these problems. There is a solution however in the form of laser vision correction surgery. By adjusting the shape of the cornea, the eye can be restored to perfect sight. This article provides more information about the common problems that can be corrected with laser vision correction surgery.


The technical term for this condition is hyperopia. It is very common and means while a person can see objects far away, they have difficulty seeing things up close. Reading newspapers and books for example can be blurry. This condition is genetic so if your parents were affected by it, the chances are good that you will too. Glasses can be worn to help with the problem but this won’t correct it. Surgery is available to correct this condition.

Anyone who has to squint heavily to see things closely or finds that far away objects are blurry may have hyperopia. Eye strain can be caused from having to squint so much and aching around the eyes is common in people with this condition. Headaches are also likely after long periods of activities such as reading for computer work. Generally speaking, if you are unable to perform a task such as reading or writing without discomfort or difficulty then you should visit an eye specialist or doctor for an eye examination.

The cause of farsightedness is a cornea that is not curved enough. This causes a refractive error that makes focusing on objects that are up close difficult and blurry. This is not the only common refractive error however that people are born with.



This is another type of refractive error. The medical name for this condition is myopia. Opposite to farsightedness in every respect, it is nonetheless very problematic to live with. In an eye that is shortsighted the cornea is too curved and this makes it very difficult to see objects far away. It is possible to get glasses or contact lenses to help the problem but it can be tiresome to have to live this way. There is surgery available that can correct both of these problems – laser vision correction surgery.


There is another condition that must be mentioned when discussing what laser vision correction surgery can help. Astigmatism is a mixture of near and farsightedness. This occurs when the cornea is too curved on one side but not curved enough on the other. The result is poor eyesight for anyone with this condition.

Without surgery to correct these problems, eyesight will always be bad. As well as blurriness and problems viewing objects near and far away, there are other problems that can arise. Constant squinting or straining the eyes can cause severe eye strain, pain and even headaches. Crossed eyes are another problem that could develop, especially in children. Adults who suffer with any of these eye problems may find themselves unable to do things such as drive a car or operate heavy machinery. Without good sight, everyday things can become dangerous. Overall quality of life can be severely hampered with shortsightedness, longsightedness or astigmatism. Not being able to see clearly or sharply and having to rely on glasses or contact lenses everyday can be a real burden. There is surgery available however that will remove these problems once and for all.

laser vision correction surgery or laser eye surgery as it is also commonly known is a safe and very effective treatment. If you are interested in finding out more then you should contact your local eye hospital or your GP for a referral. Eye laser treatment takes less than 30 minutes and recovery is very short. As well as eye surgery to correct common vision problems as described above, there is also cataract surgery available and treatments to help remove glaucoma and other serious eye diseases. Technology is available to help cure most eye problems so that anyone, young or old can enjoy perfect sight.

Kathryn Dawson writes articles about what eye laser treatment can do to improve your vision. The technology for ophthalmic care has advanced so significantly that surgeons can now provide laser vision correction surgery and treatments for all types of eye conditions without involving invasive procedures. Not only that, modern cataract surgery is now a pain free procedure with which your sight is expected to return in just a few hours after the operation.

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