Why do I have eye strain when I wear glasses, but not when I wear contacts?

by David Jenyns

Question by Bozasm: Why do I have eye strain when I wear glasses, but not when I wear contacts?
I updated my prescription for my glasses & contacts about 6 months ago. I alternate glasses or contacts depending on my mood, but I notice significantly increased eye strain/fatigue when I wear my glasses. When I wear contacts, I never feel this strain. I’m in front of a computer over 8 hours a day, so eye strain is not uncommon nor unexpected, but the drastic difference between wearing contacts and glasses makes me curious.

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Answer by Footprintz
That doesn’t sound right. I would bet there is something wrong with the glasses prescription.

Your glasses SHOULD be more restful than contacts with 8 hours a day on the computer.

You should take the glasses back and have the Rx checked in them again. Could be an error in the power, or the PD .

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ignoramus December 28, 2011 at 5:14 pm

If you are farsighted, contacts require less focus for close than do glasses. If you are nearsighted contacts require more focus for near than do glasses.
The image size with contacts is more normal than with glasses. Nearsighted glasses make things appear smaller and farther away and farsighted glasses make things appear larger and closer.
The prescription numbers in contacts are typically a little more “plus” (or less minus) than are the glasses prescription numbers.


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