What do other people think of “Perfect Your Sight”?

“I have worn glasses for 40 years and have always thought there should be a way to improve my sight other than glasses or surgery.

I have finished reading through the book once.  I was impressed with the theory of the eyes not resting enough.  I  am amazed that even though my vision is very poor that by ‘resting’ my eyes and not wearing glasses at all I have less eye strain.   I have tried some of the techniques and am ready to get started doing the program regularly.  I look forward to ‘seeing’  much better in the future.”

Carol D. Feller, CPA
Austin, Texas


“I have found most of the relevant exercises useful.  Each day, my near vision gets better.  I cannot assert that Bates is the primary cause, but I will not take a chance that it isn’t.  The cost is just a little time.”

William Alford
United States


“I have tried the first technique ” sunning ” and the palming technique and swinging before getting into bed for the past two days.  Well all I have to say is “wow”.  For the past two months I have been struggling to see (I have myopia 1 degree in each eye and half degree of astigmatism  in each eye as well) and sitting in the front row and barely seeing. After only two days of trying the basic drill my vision is phenomenal! I feel great! I see better sharper  images and the colors are just stunning. It’s like seeing the world with new eyes literally.”

Alfred Bou Dagher